TB Bronze won't install

So I've got an old version of TB Bronze that won't install on any of my 64bit Win7 machines, but installs fine on XP. Unfortunately, I have no idea what version it is. I couldn't find any solutions online and the similar threads I found on this forum didn't have any available solutions. I'd appreciate any help you guys can give. Thanks!


Old version

To find out what version you have, type VER at the command line (in a working installation) - that should return your version number.

Version 5.5 will run on 64-bit Windows, the issue is that the old installer isn't 64-bit compatible. Just copy your TB installation folder and programs onto the new machine, then double-click a .TRU or .TRC file and follow the steps to associate ("always use" to open those files) TBBRONZE.EXE with that file type. You will need to do this for both .TRU and .TRC files as needed.

If your copy predates 5.5 this procedure might work, but I couldn't guarantee it.