Adding License Keys to Compiled Programs

I'm looking for a way to securely license compiled TB programs, preferably automatically in the process of making purchase from a secure pay site. The MirraKey product looks promising but I don't see any way to make it work with TB (their website gives declarations in VB and only). Any ideas?


re: License Keys

It wouldn't be too difficult to write a license key subroutine into the program. It would involve having a small file that can be read and written that contains a flag--locked or open. The program would ask for the key. If correct it would then write the 'open' flag and execute. Each time the program runs it reads the flag file, so if the flag is 'open' it would skip the license key request. [To make it more difficult just to hack the flag file, the 'open' flag could be a number or word that only initially exists in the compiled program and only gets written to the flag file once the license key has been entered.]

If worried about sharing a license key, you could get more sophisticated with an array of keys, with the flag file containing the index of the key to use--you could have multiple such files to distribute, but probably not more than 10.

Anyway, it depends on just how secure you want this to be, but at minimum to medium security, I would think writing your own makes sense.