LOAD and SCRIPT "not supported in this release"

Our company recently purchased True Basic Gold 6.005 to update our 5.5 licenses. Trying it out, I received the message "LOAD is a legal command but is not supported in this release." After more than two decades of True Basic use, we have thousands of source programs that use our custom modules, so adding a LIBRARY statement to each is not practical. We have thus reverted to True Basic Gold version 5.5; we rarely use the editor anyway, since there are other much more powerful editors available free.

I recall that when True Basic version 5 was first released it also lacked this functionality, but it reappeared by version 5.42, the next one we tried. (A number of other convenient capabilities, unfortunately, have never returned.) When might we expect version 6 to restore the LOAD and SCRIPT commands? Also, when that happens, what will be the upgrade cost from a version 6 we can't use to one we can? Or should we just return it and stick with 5.5?

After all the Forum comments about the virtues of Windows running old programs (though our True Basic 5.5 programs hang randomly in Windows 7 and require XP compatibility mode to work right) I can't image True Basic itself abandoning its version 5.5 programs, especially when the virtues of the LOAD command are documented in the version 6 manual in Appendix A.


LOAD and SCRIPT pathname question

I'd like to get a little documentation on exactly what pathname to use for a file I want to load. Appendix M shows the file name with no path, but that hasn't worked when I tried it. Neither has a full path, which seems to get truncated (length 72 < path < 128). Is there a way to find out what directory the LOAD command is looking in? There used to be a DIR command, which was helpful.

This is True Basic 6.006 (6.005 plus the updater) running on Windows XP SP3.

Thanks for any help.



The LOAD command doesn't work in the same way as the old LOAD command. The new LOAD command adds an extra line of code to your program e.g. LIBRARY "loadfile.tru"
When you attempt to run your program, the TBsystem file actually runs your program plus the extra line of code - which effectively means that your program has access to the loaded file.
During the compiling process the editor looks into all the existing alias names and modifies the above LIBRARY statement to the full pathname. If the directory where your load file is located is not in the alias list, then you must use the full pathname for the load file, e.g.
LOAD c:\TBsilver\myfolder\loadfile.tru
Note that quote marks are not used for pathnames or filenames.
Multiple files can also be loaded, e.g.
LOAD firstfile.tru,secondfile.tru

Hope this helps.

Big John

LOAD and SCRIPT return -- Thanks!

I see that 6.006 has resurrected the LOAD and SCRIPT commands. Thanks much for the timely response.

On another subject, the irrelevant comments on many topics yesterday by johnmartin make him appear to be a spammer, or possibly the victim of a comment management coding error.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Glad you are happy with the return of those functions, and thanks for pointing out the spammer - the posts are now removed.

re:Load and Script

You might want to check the following. The Editor in 6.005 (which really is the only major part of the update) can use any previous version of the language module. The Editor itself uses 5.31 for various reasons, but that files is identified as 531tbsystem. The editor itself will access 'tbsystem' for running, compiling, and binding programs. You can use any previous tbsystem file here. I use 5.5b22 but 5.5b19 is the newest released version and I think it is also distributed with 6.005. So I suspect you are running the 5.31 system file which is the cause of the problems. You might contact TB directly to confirm this since I bought my update some time ago. Again--the main language really has not been updated, only the editor and some tools. 5.31 turns out to be the most stable version vis-a-vis the editor, but suffers other problems like needing the DLL files and having a 128 character path length limitation. 5.5b19 fixes these but has other problems hence the plea (elsewhere in this forum) for an updated system version, but that takes someone who can get into the roots of the core language modules.



The LOAD and FORGET commands have been re-instated in version 6.006. The SCRIPT command as well as SCRIPT files have also been added to version 6.006, although the range of commands that can be used in script files is limited.

The original DOS version included the LOAD command because at the time it saved the user a lot of time rather than compiling LIBRARIES each time you wanted to run a program. Nowadays, computer speeds are such that LIBRRIES compile so quickly that you cannot tell the difference to loading them.

Big John


Sounds good. Will this be available to owners of previous 6.x versions free or will there be an update available for sale? Also, who has the source code for the core of TB? Will bugs in that ever be fixed? It seems like all the changes recently are only to the editor and not the P-code generator/interpreter.

6.006 update

This update will be available within the next few days as a free download to registered users of v6.x. Keep an eye out for the announcement here.

We're working on getting into the source now to tackle the old bugs and make some other updates, but you can imagine that this is a big project and will take some time. Version 6 and the ongoing updates use the editor/development environment to work around some of the deepest bugs. These are steps in the right direction but we know it's not the final, permanent solution, just something we could offer in the near term with v6 along with some new features and tools. I imagine we will see core updates with version 7 but can't speculate when that will be available. In the meantime, we are focusing on adding value and updated capabilities to the existing engine with v6 while still supporting 5.5 through the 64-bit OS transition.