6.02 Bug

After running SURVIVE.TRU, the Save, Discard, Cancel buttons have their text cut off on the bottom. Other dialog boxes are affected, too.


Dialog buttons

Not only does SURVIVE corrupt dialog buttons, but it also affects all the source windows in the new editor. I traced the fault to the version of TrueCTRL.trc that is included with the beta version. If you replace this with a previous version of TrueCTRL.trc then everything works as it should. Future beta releases will contain an uncorrupted copy of TrueCTRL.trc.

Big John

Dialog Buttons

I replaced the TrueCTRL.trc with the one from TB Silver and the same problem occurs. Dialog boxes are messed up after running SURVIVE.TRU.

Buttons in Dialog boxes

Thanks Tom, for pointing out this problem. Basically the push buttons in version 5.5b19 TrueCTRL don't work properly so I replaced all the dialog buttons with those prodced by CTXlib, i.e. these buttons are drawn using TB graphics. As you know, TB graphics use TB windows not real physical windows. Somewhere along the line in the SURVIVE program there is probably a statement that resizes a TB window. Normally, CTXlib checks the current active window and sets the x-y axes accordingly, but clearly this is not happening in this instance. I will also check whether this behaviour is repeated in versions prior to 5.5b19 because we are encountering several bugs in 5.5b19 that are responsible for mal functions in the new editor.

Big John