Repeat keystrokes

Hi everybody,

Some time back, a user commented about the use of repeated keystrokes by holding a key down. I have not been able to trace the Forum reference, so I am addressing my response to everybody.

Basically the complaint was concerned about what happens in the editor when you release the key. The way that TC_event works means that continuos keystrokes are queued by TC_event until the queue is exhausted. In practice this means that when you release the key, any keystrokes that are still in the queue will be printed. As a user, you will see this as an over-run of printed characters in your text even after you have released the key.

I have managed to cure this problem by flushing the event queue between printing each character. It slows down continuous keystrokes very slightly, but it does mean that keystrokes stop when you release the key. This modification is included in version 5.6006 (due for release shortly).

Big John


re: repeat keystrokes

Hi John,

Yes, this is good news. The primary place where this 'problem' would show up is when scrolling through a longer file with the arrow keys. One normally holds down the key until the desired line is reached, but with the current editor the scrolling would continue on once released. The fix will certainly help!