Working Directory Not Valid... force shuts program.

Greetings readers. I have a small issue (or large) which may require some assistance with. When I attempt to open up the TB Bronze program on my computer, it was working fine for a couple of days. All of a sudden today, when I open it up to begin my work, it seems to pop up with this error:

Working Directory F:\not valid.
The editor will now abort

And then it closes my program without letting me do anything else. I've tried alot of things to repair this problem and yet nothing helps. Any ideas?


re: working directory not valid

This is a known problem that I'm sure is fixed in the next release. The problem is that you have moved or deleted whatever program/directory that you were working on in your last complete session. On startup, the editor looks to restore that file for you to work on. If it doesn't find it, you get the behavior you see. This has been fixed to just open up a new blank file. YOU CAN FIX THIS now. Delete the TBEDITS.cfg file that exists in the folder where you have the language modules. That will allow you to restart TrueBasic and either start a new program or load up one that already exists.


Invalid directory


Rik is right - this problem has been fixed in version 6.006.
The alternate way to fix this problem is to switch off HOTSTART. What this does is to start up the editor with a single untitled window and cleans the slate of the list of open files in the hotstart list.

Big John