Cannot find Untitled1 in 6.006

I wasn't having this problem with 6.005 but I ran the upgrade to 6.006 and now when I start TB, I get "Cannot find Untitled1". I tried deleting the cfg file and was able to start once without the error. The next time I started, however, I got the error and have gotten it every time I start with hotstart checked.


Re: Cannot find Untitled1 in 6.006

Yes, it only happens when hotstart is checked but still, it's a bug since it shouldn't happen at all. The fact that there's a workaround doesn't mean it's not a bug.

Untitled1 error message

Hi Tom,

You should be able to avoid this message if you switch off the HOTSTART feature under the SETTINGS menu. If hotstart is switched off then the editor doesn't look for any previous programs.

Big John

re: untitled1

I see what you see IF I close all the files I'm working on before I quit and only the empty 'Untitled1' window is there. This is, I'm sure, because the configuration file sees your last environment as an empty window named Untitled1 but when you restart, no such file has been saved. HOWEVER, this is not a real problem since if you click OK in the 'cannot find Untitled1' box, a 'new' Untitled1 blank workspace is created.

If you don't want to see the message, just quit the editor with the last file you worked on visible in an editor window (and be sure to save the file). The editor will then reopen with that file (or files) open and will remember where you were in the file as well. The behavior you describe is not really an error and really causes no problems with the operation of the editor.