Sweeney's Testspk

I'm trying to run Chris Sweeney's program to have True BASIC Gold 6.02 speak but I get this:


and no sound.

Sweeney has a few interesting TB programs on his Website:



Synthetic speech.

I have just checked out the new editor version 5.602 and it works correctly with TESTSPK.TRU provided the library SPEAK.TRC is identified correctly. You also need to have Windows SAPI installed (at least I think so). I am running XP which already has SAPI installed. TESTSPK also runs on TBsilver 5.31, 5.42 and 5.5b19.

Big John

Synthetic speech

I have Vista which has SAPI 5.3 built in and can't use earlier versions. I suppose that's the problem. 8^(


Yes, it probably is. As I recall you require SAPI 4.0 for SPEAK.TRC to work. The other problem is that the source code for SPEAK.TRU has gone missing from the archives, otherwise I would have looked into updating it for SAPI 5.0

Big John