How cancel a dialog like TD_Message with a OK Button?

How do you cancel a dialog like Call TD_Message with a OK Button.
By cancel I mean end of dialog, no longer exist, is not on the screen.


Correction to my last post

Instead of "Hit ANY key" is should be "HIT Space Bar or ENTER key". I don't know why, but after clipping and pasting, it seems to work only this way. Always some kind of surprise.

Anyway, I think you can see how the TD Message thing works.

Mike C.


Dialog boxes are supposed to be "modal", i.e. they should remain on screen until the user responds to the dialog. This is supposed to force the user to make a response. (The CTX library actually removes the close window button to ensure a response). When you define a dialog box you specify a default button. The default button is activated when you press the key. The default button can be recognized by the dotted line around the button title.

Big John

How to work TD Messatge

Here's how to use the TD_message dialog box:
! =========================== copy and paste this into TB and run it ==================
LIBRARY "..\TBLibs\TrueDial.trc"
option nolet

title$=" This is TITLE$"
m1$="This is line #1 of MESSAGE$|This is line #2 of it.|This thing won't go away until you:||"
m2$=" (1) click ""OK"",| (2) hit any key, or| (3) click the X in the upper right corner.|"
button$="OK" ! Just the one button
default=1 ! the one OK button
print,"...Getting ready to CALL TD_message. Hit any key to continue..."
get key zz

CALL TD_Message (title$, message$, button$,default,result)

print ,"...Now back from the TD_Message... Now this program is finished."

! ======================= snip =========

If you don't have a manual why not see if Admin will let you download one.

Hope this helps
Regards, Mike C.