Native Support of DLLs


Currently the only way to access DLLs is via the C SDK. Wouldn't it be a good idea to support DLL's natively without the C SDK? Commands like "Load DLL", "Call DLL" built into TrueBasic would be a better way of accessing the OS then the C SDK. Converting the C SDK to another programming language is no easy task for someone who lacks C experience.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has converted the C SDK to Powerbasic or Purebasic.


I would love to have native

I would love to have native DLL support in TrueBASIC as well.

Or, as an alternative, I'd like to see that the now-Gold-edition-only required ftouch.exe tool and the C header files be supplied with the Silver Edition as well (I read the "Using C routines" chapter of the Gold Edition manual, which is available in the Download section)

Currently I am a Bronze Edition owner and I recently bought the 3D add-on and I had tons of fun with it. I decided I wanted to support the good folks at TrueBASIC Inc. a bit more by upgrading my Bronze copy to Silver (I will order this upgrade very soon). Unfortunately I can not afford the Gold upgrade at this time.

I have a lot of experience with various other Win32 programming languages and I am confident I would be able to produce standalone DLL files that are compatible with TrueBASIC, but unfortunately I can not as Silver edition does not come with the required FTouch.exe file and the required C header files.


Or perhaps it would be an idea to add the ftouch program, the headers and documentation to a new separate paid Add-On?