3D Graphics Toolkit compatible with Bronze 6?


Small question: is the 3D Graphics Toolkit compatible with TrueBASIC Bronze 6?

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printing graphics


Let me ask a follow up since this is of some interest to me. I can see that one can probably print what is constructed on the 'screen' through TrueBasic commands, but suspect that excludes images (*.bmp and *.jpeg) that have been read in through READ_IMAGE and then 'pasted' into a window using BOX SHOW. That is, there is really no equivalent of PRINT SCREEN--or is there?


Printing graphics


Printing graphics largely depends on the type of printer you want to use and the scale of the drawing.

In general Epson, Lexmark, Kodak all appear to print OK, but some models of HP printers give troubles.

If you aim to print A4 size paper prints, then you should have no problems at all. I don't know about larger paper sizes.

The technique you need to use is to tell the printer that it is a normal window. The printer will respond by telling you how many pixels there are across and down the 'window' - usually 2800 across by 3600 down.

You then have to plot on this 'window' what you want to see in the printout, using TrueBASIC graphics statements, just as if you were plotting in a real window.

TB has a special library module called PWlib.trc that helps to convert the printer into a window.

Big John

Kinda lost

I developed a building bidding system on 8086 PC computers using QB. The system that I developed is very large and can be customized by the customer for their individual requirements.

When the 80286 and later systems came out, most had no parallel ports and the programs would no longer print.

I tried to revise the software and or provide a parallel port printer port but to no avail.

I have received requests to update my system to a compatible system.

True Basic looks like the environment that I should have used originally. I want to "re-develop" the system and add many graphical and custom techniques, such as drawings based on custom end user requirements.

Is TB the programming environment that I want to use? I am impressed by some of your adds but I need to see more, and or talk to a True Basic technical person.

Thank You,

Terry Morris
WashSoft Inc.

re:kinda lost

While I think TrueBasic should be capable of most of what you've been doing, the one area that might cause trouble is actually printing graphics from the TrueBasic program. Others (are there others out there?) might comment on their success or failure doing so. While I use extensive graphics and animation in my programs, I have not worked with actually printing these from within the programs--and am not sure if I could do so. What I know you can do is save out any screen drawn graphics to a file which can be printed in other programs (I use PaintShop Pro) and one could even CHAIN out to the graphics program from TrueBasic, but I am really not sure you can print a graphics screen (easily) with the TrueBasic commands.



3D graphics library with Bronze

Hi Vincent,

Yes, this library and all the toolkit libraries can be used with any version of True BASIC just as you would use a library included with the software.