Late Beta Suggestion

It's too late for this beta but I'd really like to see the usual menu pop up when you right-click on selected text (Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Select All) or in the text window with no selected text (cut and copy ghosted)


pop up menu

It is not too late to make suggestions for the new editor, but in this instance a right click menu is not available from TrueCTRL. However, a right click menu is available from the CTX library module. Unfortunately TrueCTRL objects sit on top of normal TB graphics so the text editor would conceal a CTX right click menu. I am still looking at ways around this problem because it was suggested many moons ago.

In the next release (5.603) I have included short cut keystrokes (CTRL X,C and V) for cut copy and paste. I have also included the wonderful F4, F5 and F6 keystrokes that work just like the old DOS version. The sad part is that there is a bug in the built-in SYS_EVENT routine in version 5.5b19 that prevents all function keys from being recognized. Previous versions (5.42 and backwards) don't have this bug. Although the code will be present in the new editor you won't be able to use this feature until the SYS_EVENT bug is cured.

Big John

Big John

Pop up menu

I have found a way to display a pop up menu when you right click. At present I am suggesting that this menu should appear when the mouse is right clicked anywhere. I also think the choices should be similar to the F key choices in the old DOS version. (see post under bug reports).

Big John