Dear Team Basic,
I am currently creating a quiz in truebasic silver, and would like to know how to add a highscore table to my program to update it a little, any help would be much appreciated
Thanks in advance,



We really need some code here to make specific suggestions, but I would use a String variable array with the user name and a string entry of the score-you can convert back and forth between string and number with STR$() and VAL(). The array would be saved out as a file--read in at the start of your program and written back out at the end. Users could enter their name which you read into the array and then their score would be written as the 2nd element in the array row. Return users enter their name and then the array would already hold their high score. You need to review arrays and file formats. Most of the files types could be used, but for simple applications I prefer STREAM, but here you would read the entire array into memory initially and write it back to the file at the end. Other file types would allow you to manipulate entries directly in the files.

Offer some code for more help.