6.006 runs with heavy processor load

My 6.006 runs at close to 100 % processor load, meaning that the processor runs real hot. TB SIlver 5.42 did it, but later 5.x runs comfortably at minimum processor load compatible with keeping the program working. Why did you go back to the high load?
Folke Stenman


Is 5.x unusable with WIndows 7?

Can TB Silver 5.x not be used with Windows 7? Trying to install it gives a flat NO.
Folke Stenman

Installer yes, program no

The 5.x installer isn't 64-bit compatible but the program itself is - email us for the workaround: support@truebasic.com

Older v5

To be specific, copies of 5.5 which were released before v6. Current copies of 5.5 do ship with a 64-bit compatible installer.