Right Click Menu

I have worked out how to display a right click menu with the new editor. Before I implement this in the new editor I would like your views on what items should appear on this menu. Provisionally I suggest:
Save As

I think 8 items is enough to keep the size of the right click menu manageable.

Big John


Right Click menu

Hi Big John,

In preference to any of those I would like a right click to display a list of subs and functions within a program, with the ability to left click on any one and be taken to that part of the program.


Access to subs

The existing EDIT menu contains an item labelled MOVE TO. This item presents you with a list of all subs in the order they appear in the program. You can also re-order this list alphabetically.

It is not possible to have a right click menu with potentially hundreds of items because it would never fit on the screen. Menus cannot be scrolled so the off-screen items would not be accessible.

Big John

EDIT menu

Big John ... Making the EDIT menu complicated &/or exhaustive won't be of much - if any - use to new or novice users. Please KISS the EDIT menu. Remember, no new users gets no new TB sales. Regards ... Tom M

Edit menu

The edit menu in the new editor is the same as the edit menu of all previous editions from 5.31 upwards.

The SETTINGS menu has a few more additions and so does the file menu, but that is about all.

Big John