HP Printer That Works with TB

Having reported older HP printers and read other reports on the FORUM about HP printers that don't work with TB, I just loaded an HP Deskjet F4435 that seems to work for printing out *.TRU files as well as graphics within HP.



Thanks for letting us know - that is good to hear. v6.006 was modified to work with HP printers; can you tell me if you're using this updated version or not?

HP Deskjet F4400 series

I am using TB 5.41a Silver.

HP printers

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the info. If it works with 5.41a, then it should work with version 6.006

Big John

HP printing problem

I also have TB version 5.41a and cannot print output from my programs on my HP Deskjet F2483 (using the usual print #4: etc approach).
I presume things might improve if I download an upgrade to version 6?
I currently want to use it for printing out phylogenetic trees on pedigrees for some colleagues, and , if I program the graphics correctly, for getting some nice graphical outputs of the above for use on a website (you can see what I mean on www.quaggaproject.org).
When will version 7 be available?