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Reposted to this forum; original poster is elgconsulting.

I have installed TB Bronze V6006 on a PC running Windows 7 home premium and have had no end of trouble. I originally downloaded the program from the net and when bugs showed up I eventually uninstalled and then re-installed it again from the CD sent to me, and then after more problems did it again. The problems noted are:
1 When I try to run a program sometimes I get the error message "TBed COMPILE.exe not found and the screen flashes. Neither exiting TB nor restarting the PC helps. When I try opening other saved TB programs I get the same result.
2 When i get error messages like division by zero at line xxx. the line number given bears no relationship to any possible line number that could cause the problem, and sometimes gives a line number larger than the number of lines in the program. this was supposedly cured in 6006, but it isn't
3 TB makes mistakes in copy then paste executions
4 I keep getting the error message "library GRAPHLIB: no such file" or something like that. I use the library in plotting routines. Often when copy and paste to move the code containing the routine with the statement from one part of a program to another to make the program a little easier to follow I get the error message when in its previous location it worked ok. The same is true often when I copy the routine from one program to another.Inone case i noticed that the copy paste changed GRAPHLIB to GRAPHLIB. I tried eliminating the period. no help. i also tried adding .tru No help.I have been using previous versions of TB since the 1980's without anything like this much trouble. i am spending 10 times as much time trying to get TB working than i am spending doing any useful work on it.At this point i am thinking about trying to fix my old PC and run my old TB that runs on Windows XP.



The answer to your first question is that this is a common permissions error with Windows - the full explanation and solution is detailed in this forum post.

re: tech support

I was about to post the same about TBCompile.exe. To address another:

It is really not Copy/Paste that is the problem, it is the cursor control. It is 'too' sensitive in the editor and it is easy for the 'highlighting' to slip as you go to the keyboard to say do a Ctrl-C to copy or going to the menu to choose copy. This is something Big John has said he is working on (after I complained to him about it). So right now, one needs to be careful and actually check that the correct area is highlighted before choosing an action for that highlight. I think John will try and 'slow down' the highlighting response to make it more stable in future updates.