Size Limit

I am working on a program for my computer programming class. We use an old copy of TB bronze and I was running into an error about the program unit being too large. So, I looked on the True Basic website and saw the new version ad come out, and I saw that the new Bronze program said in the description said,

"With the Bronze Edition you can run and write programs of any size. There are no line limits and every statement and function of the True BASIC language is supported."

To me, this sounded like there would no longer be a size limit in TB Bronze, however when I tried to run my program, I got the same program unit too large error. Perhaps I misunderstood the statement I quoted above?


What we are doing about it

What we are doing about it now is splitting up all the sub programs and such into separate external files. This looked like it would work great, until we figured out that when we jumped from piece to piece, the variables would reset themselves. So to combat this issue we are using making external text files to store the data using .dat files. These files are just text files that we are using to store the data with a statement in the program that goes like this,


We are pretty sure this should solve the problem, but we were hoping that the new TB Bronze wouldn't have the size limit like the site said.


As implied below, look into modules and SHARED or PUBLIC variables. These need to be declared in the main program and the modules, but you can have as many modules as you want (well probably not more than 64,000 ;-) as long as each module (compiled) stays within the 64K limit. These limits are, I think, left overs from the DOS roots of the core code. Declaring variables will allow you to transfer them between modules (and/or) external subroutines without having to list them all in the call statements.


re:size limit

This can go back to the problem of an old core. There IS a limit to the amount of code one can have in a single module--even with the Gold Version. I think it is a 64K limit on the compiled code. I run into this often as my programs can run thousands of lines. HOWEVER, you can break down your programs into MODULES and achieve almost unlimited size that way. This requires some declaration of variables in both the main program and the modules if those variables are to be swapped back and forth which is a bit of a pain, but doable. Read the manual. I don't use line numbers (or GOTOs) so I don't know about limits to actual lines--but as noted, the Demo versions are so limited (on purpose).


Program size


I think you will find that it is only the main program that has a 64K compiled size limit. The module TrueCtrl.trc is around 90K so it seems modules don't have this size restriction. The TB editor uses modules that are well over 100K in size.

The error message that the program is too large can also be misleading. If you have too many files open at the same time then you will often get this message. For example, if your main program is close to the limit and you also have say TrueCtrl open at the same time, and you attempt to run your program, then you will probably get the same error message.


It is not the demo, I paid

It is not the demo, I paid $56.00 for it believing that it would solve my too many lines issue. I have to say I am rather frustrated.

Size Limit

You might have the demo version which does have a size limit.