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I'm sure this is an easy question. The manual says I can keep the Output Window visible by selecting Output Window in the Window menu but I don't see Output Window listed under Window in the editor so I assume I'm looking in the wrong place. Any help would be appreciated.




Version 6.xxx does not allow references to the output window. The output window is automatically retained. This is done by adding two extra lines of code to all programs when you "run" your program. These two extra lines retain the output window until you press any key or you click the mouse.

In version 6.007 I am attempting to offer the user the option to print a graphics copy of the output window.

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Output window

I see that option in the Window menu on version 5.5 but not version 6. I guess the manual needs to be updated for the current version


output window

Thanks, at least I know it wasn't just me!