Library TBloader.TRC: No such file

The student cannot save and re open his work.
the message that shows when he ries to open his file is

Library TBloader.TRC: No such file.
No output writtn.

He wrote a short program and that one will not open the screan flashes

I treied to uninstall and reinstall no luck.

Is files in another location that need to be deleted?



Be sure that TBloader.trc is in the same directory as the Tbeditor.exe. If so, try setting the properties of Tbeditor.exe to 'Run as Administrator' if you are using Vista or Windows 7. You may have to do the same for TBsystem.exe.




Thanks it worked.

on that computer they have to open TB than open the their files.

The other ones they can DBL Click the file and it opens.

I and the students can live with this.


Bill C