Visual BASIC Like interface controls

While new to True Basic, I'm an experienced FORTRAN and BASIC programmer. What I need to be able to do is use Visual BASIC like user interfaces and Chapter 14 of the Gold Manual is not very good for someone starting ab initio. Is there anything out there that treats the subject in a clearer manner that in a more instructional format? The book I bought with the software "Let's Program it In True BASIC" is fairly outdated and does not include sthe subject.


Interface controls


The interface controls described in Chapter 14 are a series of complex controls which are difficult to use. TrueBASIC created a much simpler LIBRARY module called TrueCtrl.trc which is described in detail in Chapter 22. To use these controls requires some pre planning and a knowledge of the co-ordinates of the controls and objects you intend to use. This can be tedious. To avoid the tedium a program called TBILT was devised, that allowed the user to drag and drop these controls and move them around a window without bothering about co-ordinates, because the TBILT program wrote the necessary code itself. Later a much more extensive program called FORMS was prodced, which does the same thing but more elegantly. Either or both of these programs can be integrated into the editor.

Big John

re: interface controls

Although I have not personally used it, the FORMS add-on (see Products) is ostensibly a tool for building user interfaces. I have been using TrueBasic for so long (all the way back to the Amiga) that I have my own libraries of user controls, but I would strongly recommend checking out FORMS. To build your own interfaces, I would point you at the TrueControls and TrueDials libraries.