Third Party freeware


In version 6.007 I will attempt to link the editor to some third party freeware in order to overcome hardcopy printing with HP printers. Likewise I also aim to link the output window with a third party graphics print routine so that users can obtain a hardcopy version of the current output window. Following on from this strategy, I would like to know from TB users whether there are other features they would like to include that could be handled by other third party software. For example; if you know of any freeware that can access the sound card in a computer then it might be possible to extend the limited SOUND features built into TB.




Hi Rick,

I have tested a pair of hard copy print programs that work extremely well. This has now been incorporated into Version 6.007 along with multiple level UNDO and REDO.

The CHAINING process can be made to return immediately to the parent program by putting !& in front of the filename, e.g.
CHAIN "!& filename$",RETURN
This should work for background sound.


re:Third Party


Isn't the problem with almost any Third Party software going to be that you need to CHAIN out to it and therefore the execution of the TB program will pause while the 3rd party program runs. I would certainly think the Screen Print would work this way--and assume that the print program will require 'spooling' the file to that program. If that is the case, neither really should cause problems for the TrueBasic program. A SOUND program might be different. Currently one can CHAIN out to something like Windows Media Player and (I assume) send a file name to that program to play. However, control won't return to the TrueBasic program until you close the sound-playing program. I have not researched freeware in this area, but to be really useful the sound program would need to accept a file name to play, start playing, but then immediately return control to TrueBasic. Again, I don't know if there is anything out there that does this. It might be somewhat useful if a 3rd party sound program would run without taking over the screen--even if it had to play a complete file before returning control to TrueBasic. I could see applications like music over a True Basic Program's Intro screen, or voice files reading some text that TB is showing on screen. IN FACT, I was contacted some time ago about adding voice overs for some of my programs for the benefit of visually impaired users who might not be able to read the print. Again, here the TrueBasic program could be in a paused mode, as long as it stays on the screen. A fully functional Sound routine would, of course, allow the program to continue executing while the sounds/music is being played, but I, for one, would find what I describe above to be just about as useful--since I'm not writing video games!