Which platform would you like to see next for TB?

18% (55 votes)
iOS (iPad)
13% (38 votes)
Mac OS X
27% (80 votes)
Update the Windows version
42% (127 votes)
Total votes: 300


Linux version

In the 1990s I had the pleasure of using True BASIC 3.x on a Hewlett-Packard HP-UX workstation, even before Linux became popular. Now that I've migrated to almost exclusive use of Linux, I'd like to see a version of True BASIC for the Linux platform. Most of my programming is number crunching and text file manipulation, and I have little need for GUI programming; all I would need is an updated version of True BASIC 3.x that can handle Unicode and long file names, so I wouldn't have to run True BASIC for DOS in DOSBox. The Unix version of the True BASIC 3 compiler didn't have the integrated development environment of the DOS and Apple versions, but it was still quite useful.

iPad Development

I would like the iOS version to be worked on first no matter what. I use my iPad for schoolwork, and schoolwork ALWAYS comes before anything else, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Hand held devices

Any programming language other than those proprietary tools of the cellphone vendors is better.

Universal Apps

As I understand it windows desktop for 10.0 will not run Win32 applications on 7" tablets like you can with 8.1. Only a universal app will work on PC's, 7" tablets and windows phones since they will not have the desktop. If you already have desktop on a 7" tablet you will be able to keep that when upgrading to 10.0. My concern is that Visual Studio will be the only software that can create a "Universal App" running across all windows devices. Will it be possible in the future to create a truebasic application on a 7" tablet without the desktop?

Windows Version

Adding touch screen capability for Windows Tablets would be nice. Also, continued improvement of FORMS would be good.


true basic for android

im looking for a program that let me prgram usuing basic language for android cells and tablets
so if you want true basic for android ill be glad using it for develop apps for android dispositives!